Sample Four-Year Plan

Sample Four-Year Plan


SUMMER:                                     Physical Education



English:                                          Honors English I

Math:                                             Algebra II

Science:                                         Physical Science

Modern Languages:                   Español Nivel I/II; Español IC or IIC for non-native speakers; French I


SUMMER:                                      Honors Geometry



English:                                           Honors English II

Math:                                              Honors Geometry or Algebra II; Honors College Algebra Trigonometry

Science:                                          Honors Biology I

History:                                           Honors World History

Modern Languages:                    AP Spanish; IB French I


SUMMER:‚Äč                                          Honors Geometry



English                                             IB English III

Math:                                                Honors College Algebra Trigonometry; IB Math Studies;

IB Math SL

Science:                                           IB Biology II / IB Chemistry I

History:                                            IB History of the Americas

Modern Languages:                     IB Spanish A/B I; AP Spanish; IB French II

TOK:                                                 Theory of Knowledge (second semester only)

                                                           IB Business


SUMMER:                                       US Government (or by correspondence)



English:                                            IB English IV

Math:                                                IB Math Studies; AP Calculus I; AP Statistics; IB Math SL

Science:                                           IB Chemistry II

History:                                            IB 20th Century

Modern Languages:                     IB Spanish A/B II; IB French III

Social Studies:                                AP Government

TOK:                                                  Theory of Knowledge (first semester only)

                                                            IB Business

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