Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Coups (AFJROTC) Unit AZ-952 was established in 1995 at Nogales High School. This unit has an illustrious history of tremendous accomplishments. This promotes the AFJROTC mission of Integrity first, Service before self and excellence in all we do as a model for success.  Beginning with the founding years we have pursued three core principles that promotes Integrity, Excellence and Community Service. AZ-952 occupies NHS building “S” and maintains a unit of approximately 185 cadets annually.  

AZ-952 has earn 11 AFJROTC Distinguished Unit Awards, 3 AFJROTC Distinguished Unit Awards with/Merit, The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Certificate of Commendation and many other student individual honors. There are numerous accolades for cadets’ involvement in competitions, activities and community service. Cadets present the Colors during NUSD #1 teacher in service events and area school graduations each year. Cadets present Colors at NHS’s varsity football games and basketball games. Participates in parades, and visits area schools for community service such as tutoring. Cadets are escorts during Senior Projects Presentations and accomplishes such duties in any area that the school district and NHS high school dictates. Cadets’ visits, gives elementary student created cards and personally communicates with veterans at the Tucson Veteran Hospital to honor veterans.    

Traditionally cadets are a mixture of the NHS student population, containing students from every range of academic achievement. Cadets have served on the student council, take Honors, AP, courses and vie for the IB Diploma. Cadets in the Air Force Kitty Hawk Society tutor students in math at NHS. Cadets Jesus Espinoza Jr., Joseph Agosttini, and Cristina Brentley are 
recognized as NHS valedictorians.

  AFJROTC support cadet interest and participation in various physical activities. Cadets take part in team play on the football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, track, tennis, chess, softball baseball and golf teams. Cadets are members of the NHS marching band, mariachi, cheer leaders, flags, and FBLA. Cadets are members of many of the clubs at NHS.

 Pass cadets are lawyers, nurses, teachers, Air Force pilots, Border Patrol, Sheriff Deputies, own their own businesses, managers at various institutions and a multitude of endeavors.

  The unit’s gender typically divides along the approximate lines of 50% males vs. 50% females’. Cadets are chosen for leadership position based upon ability and maturity. All cadets are required to take on responsibility and attempt to move pass their comfort zone according to individual desire and drive. Cadets are taught to


At the time of establishment, the Nogales Unified School District was led by Superintendent Dr. Paul Benjarano, principle Dr. Marcellino Varonna. Aerospace Science Instructor Captain (retired) Daniell Sears, and Technical Sergeant Albert Vasquez (retired) was the Assistance Aerospace Science Instructor. The combination of these individuals accomplished the hard work necessary for the implementation of the necessary decision and events for the units’ success.

  The school year 1997 saw Coronal (retired) Robert D. Anderson replaced Captain (retired) Daniell Sears and in 1998 Master Sergeant (retired) Frederick Harvey, for health reasons replaced Technical Sergeant (retired) Albert Vasquez. In 2002 Senior Master Sergeant (retired) Donna M. Coleman joined the team. In the preceding years the unit grew to be one of the best AFJROTC unit in the state of Arizona. During this time period the unit grew, both in accomplishments and character. This time period spurred a mutinied of awards and co

  In 2007 Coronal Robert D. Anderson retired after developing cancer and was replaced by Lieutenant Colonel (retired). Senior Master Sergeant (retired) Donna M. Coleman retired in 2008 and was replaced by Chief Master Sergeant Steven Frederick. Senior Master Sergeant Ron Thielke replaced Chief Master Sergeant Steven Frederick in 2013. The mission of the AFJROTC Instructors is to build citizens of character dedicated to serving the Community and Nation. 


Our unit cadet commanders are: Cadet Coronal Nick Acevedo, Cadet Coronal Oscar Cordero, Cadet Coronal Kenneth Cantero, Cadet Coronal Joe Odea, Cadet Coronal Rosa Cervantes, Cadet Coronal Nils T. Carapetyan, Cadet Coronal Leslie Guzman, Cadet Coronal Agustin Huerta, Cadet Coronal Maria Parra, Cadet Coronal Mavy Moreno, Cadet Coronal Jose J. Federico, Cadet Coronal Erik Rodriguez, Cadet Coronal Victor Somoza, Cadet Coronal Sarah Chacon, Cadet Coronal Manuel Gonzalez, Cadet Coronal Miguel Ruiz, Cadet Coronal  Ivana Somoza, Cadet Coronal Jonathon Johnson, Cadet Coronal Isamaria Vega, Cadet Coronal Joanna Knight Wise, Cadet Coronal Jocelyn Orozco, Cadet Coronal Joseph Agosttini 2012, Cadet Coronal Destiny Perez 2013-2014, Cadet Coronal Javier (Bear) Castilo 2014-2015, Cadet Coronal Alexander Sublette 2015-2016, Cadet Coronal Manual Fernandez 2016-2017 school year, Cadet Coronal Alan Ramirez 2017-2018 school year, Cadet Coronal Omar Haros for current 2018-2019 school year, Cadet Coronal Daniela Cervantes 2019-2020.


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