Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk
Preamble to the Constitution of the Kitty Hawk Air Society:
"We are the members of the Kitty Hawk Air Society, in order to uphold academic standards and promote further interest in academic achievement, creating a closer and more efficient relationship within the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, serve the high school and community, support air power in its role in national security, and develop patriotism and good citizenship, do hereby establish this constitution.

Honorary Members
C/Lt.C Alan Ramirez

Active Members
C/ Maj. Sabrina Savory
C/Capt. Jesus Figueroa
C/1st Lt. Marshall Morgan
C/2nd Lt. Kassandra Gutierrez
C/2nd Lt. Diego Favela
C/2nd Lt. Francisco Sauceda Jr.
C/Msgt  Fabiola Cervantes
C/SSgt Brenda Reyes
C/SSgt Silvana Gonzalez
C/SSgt Ethan  Buranday
C/A Mariana Macias
C/AB Emma Gomez